Organic Nappies and Baby Wipes

With baby K’s nappy care, all I have ever used  since she was born are organic and natural nappies and baby wipes and so far no rashes or nasty surprises. She is comfortable and happy and has not had any reactions or sensitivity. I am sure this has been a contributing factor for her calmness so far as her body does not have to deal with excess chemicals and toxic matter that is in your regular run of the mill nappies. The organic nappies and wipes are slightly more expensive, but I feel this is worth it if it means she can have extra comfort and her skin can breathe naturally and not clog up.
  Not only because it gives baby K, a happy and healthy start in life, but I also see the wider picture and want to play my part in taking responsibility for protecting our environment so I go the extra lengths to not use products that are not environmentally friendly.
I also feel strongly that using environmentally friendly products is contributing to a better life for our children and grandchildren.

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