Baby Reflexology / Baby Massage : This Works For Us


All you need is the gentlest and softest of touch, all done with the ‘right intention’.  Promotes a good nights sleep and soothes a crying baby.  Most importantly it builds a stronger bond between mother and baby.

Baby K loves this and it really goes a long way to soothe her, especially during the painful teething moments when she is inconsolable.

I have established this little daily massage routine, which helps her to have a solid sleep, she sleeps right through the night at least 9 to 12 hours only waking once for a quick nappy change and a quick small feed.  She wakes up a ‘ happy bunny ‘ full of energy and calm and collected ready to face the day ahead beaming with joy and full of fun and adventure.

It used to be a real battle getting her off to sleep, we always had to spend anything from 2 to 4 hours soothing time before she would finally settle into a deep sleep, but now with this little routine which I start slowly after her last feed of the day.  She absolutely loves it!

We now call it the ‘ Baby K Sleep Massage’, absolutely fabulous!

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