Push forward to 4 years of trials and tribulations, most of it has been smooth with my core beliefs in tact. I have carried forward everything that I am passionate about and my belief of working with the best that nature has to offer.
Motherhood does not come without its challenges at every step of the journey. Now it’s about keeping myself calm from within and externally. It was very much time to sort out my own ‘ calm baby ‘ and work on my own skin which had very much been neglected throughout this whole journey.
Now that my little one is at Primary School, it became evident how best to use that new found free time during the day.
My passion grew and grew, I sorted out my own skin, which through neglect and age started looking dreary and dull. My previous minimalist skincare routine was not working anymore. That dreaded word collagen, yes was no more providing me with firm wrinkle free skin.
Lines and age spots started appearing, OMG I had gotten away with it for such a long time, without properly caring for my skin, now the evidence was in front of me, every time I took a good look in the mirror. Oh no this cannot do I said to myself.
So began the journey to improving my skin.
I used my knowledge of natural resources, herbs and essential oils, Mother Nature and of course those time and tested formulas that my own Mum brought me up with, which I somehow in my journey had forgotten about.
I went back to the drawing board, every thing I remembered that was passed down in the generations, tried and tested formulas used by my grandma and great grandmother.

I researched and remembered and wow what a journey!
I now have launched my own skincare products and I’m so excited to share this with you on this blog.
All natural, organic and handcrafted, using the simple methods that have been used for generations, without all the chemical and toxic preservatives that are in the shop brought skincare products.
I’m keeping it simple and will share with you my finds on how ‘ my calm baby ‘ has now turned into a solid and natural skincare regime that not only keeps me grounded but also beaming with a new found healthy glow.

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