‘ ….. a calm baby …… isn’t that what every parent dreams about and hopes for?
This is my realistic quest to create calmness and contentment for baby both inside and out, whilst keeping everything natural and toxic free.

No one can really tell you exactly how it’s going to be; it wasn’t on google every time I searched for pregnancy and birth.  Although one thing I wish I did take on board was when people told me, make sure you get plenty of sleep before the baby arrives!

Well  Now I know how valuable a good night’s sleep is once you have had a baby.

So far everyone has commented on how baby K is so calm and peaceful,

well here’s my thought on that :

‘ every baby knows how to be calm and peaceful if only we can listen to what their needs and wants are .’

‘ Hell hath no fury like a baby’s scream ‘ :

”   …….. na na naaaa naaa naaaaa naaaaaa …….    ”  This was baby K’s cry when she first came out.
Here is my cry :

” In the madness of it all, just let me listen to my baby ”
Mamma knows best; sometimes you just have to rely on your instincts to know what is best for your baby.

The special moments between mother and baby just cannot be put into words; all the sleepless nights full of crying baby, the many nappy changes, the sometimes getting caught in between nappy change disasters are all forgotten and then all that matters is enjoying those special moments with your beautiful baby.
And in all of this let’s try and keep baby calm!

So as the saying goes :

Listen to your baby for that amazing connection and bond.


As it happens to be I fall into the category of mums that come under

“I’m doing this on my own”

as well as being an older mother and to top it off,
with the added pressure of being a sole carer for a parent with ongoing complexities; it became increasingly important for me to give my baby

The Healthiest, Happiest and 100% chemical-free start in life.

The fact that I am passionate about all things natural and organic is a tremendous bonus.

More importantly being a professional therapist and healer for over two decades has helped in my understanding of
‘ listening to my baby’s needs .’
One thing I do know for sure is that being a parent comes with its difficulties and challenges but undoubtedly this is the most AMAZING experience ever!

Follow baby K’s natural and organic journey in life.


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