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  • In Honour of International Women’s Day :

    We have strength in numbers, we can honour and support each other in mind body and spirit. We have strong morals and we stick to our guns and don’t give up. We can each one of us do what we can in our own ways to give strength to the women in other countries that […]

  • Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol

  • EizunEco Skincare


    Push forward to 4 years of trials and tribulations, most of it has been smooth with my core beliefs in tact. I have carried forward everything that I am passionate about and my belief of working with the best that nature has to offer. Motherhood does not come without its challenges at every step of […]

  • Baby Reflexology / Baby Massage : This Works For Us

    All you need is the gentlest and softest of touch, all done with the ‘right intention’.  Promotes a good nights sleep and soothes a crying baby.  Most importantly it builds a stronger bond between mother and baby. Baby K loves this and it really goes a long way to soothe her, especially during the painful […]

  • The Power of Acupuncture

    The Power of Acupuncture

    When it comes to listening to your body, I was fortunate to have found a brilliant acupuncture practitioner for treatments when I was expecting baby K and I can truly say that it kept me sane from all my hormones going haywire during pregnancy. I had regular acupuncture all throughout my pregnancy and I am […]

  • A Trusted Friend

    A Trusted Friend

    The wonders of Coconut Oil, truly Amazing ! I find it to be simply the BEST ! It is the most nurturing and nourishing oil ever, and has so many uses, but only good quality, raw extra virgin coconut oil will do. I have used it on my baby since she was born and it […]

  • Beautiful Coffee / Beautiful People

    Arapina : my lifeline Yes quite frankly this wonderful place has literally been my lifeline since week 3 of baby K’s birth.  With the convenience of being just 5 minutes walk from my flat, I discovered this jewel of a place earlier this year and so glad I did, we love the atmosphere in there.  […]

  • Taking A Ride For Sleepy Time !

    When it comes to sleeping time, everyone knows that taking your baby for a ride in the car is the best, babies just love it, they are mesmerised and just nod off blissfully.  Well this is the next best alternative for anyone that does not have a car.  My baby YoYo Zen pram is fabulous, […]

  • Baby Blues / Teething

    ..rubbing up and down the reflex zones on the soles of her feet …

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