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  • The Dangers of BPA

    When I came across the NUK glass feeding bottles and reading about how they are free from BPA, I decided to look further into this .  I am trying to keep the aspect of safety a priority for baby K. This made me ask myself; I wonder how many parents are aware of the ‘ […]

  • Happy Insides ! Healthy and Calm Happy Babies !

    Happy Insides !   Healthy and Calm   Happy Babies !

    I find myself asking why is being organic good for babies and good to support their developing immune systems. How do we achieve happy insides and a healthy and calm happy baby? How do we best prevent allergies and common childhood ailments; and how best to bring about Happy Insides! Happy Babies! It makes sense […]

  • The Right of Passage

    The Right of Passage As nature intended having a vaginal birth naturally is a ‘ Right of Passage ‘ for the baby. They instinctively know what to do and when the time is right they will make their entrance. As we know all too well, this is not always the case today, as the ever-increasing […]

  • Organic Nappies and Baby Wipes

    Organic Nappies and Baby Wipes

    With baby K’s nappy care, all I have ever used  since she was born are organic and natural nappies and baby wipes and so far no rashes or nasty surprises. She is comfortable and happy and has not had any reactions or sensitivity. I am sure this has been a contributing factor for her calmness so […]

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