Baby Blues

  • Teething :

    Who said being a baby was easy ? whoops a daisy baby K just started her drooling a couple of weeks ago, at week 10 when I noticed her gums had started to harden. She needs extra cuddles now and tons of soothing!

    Hiccups :

    From week two onwards, I noticed baby K had problems with hiccups after feeding. I am pretty sure that when she gulps her milk fast it doesn’t help. So I tried making sure that her feeds are on time whenever she cries when she is hungry, and I try to break the feeds up and sit her up slightly and break up the feeds to wind her on my shoulder; although she doesn’t like it and does complain, but I feel this helps her with her digestion and stops the hiccups. She becomes content when she feeds and is in a world of her own, and she hates being disturbed during a feed, it unsettles her. So to remedy this, I try to keep her environment as calm as possible, with soothing music and privacy to respect the time she is feeding and make it a special bonding time for us both. This seems to be working so far.

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