Happy Insides ! Healthy and Calm Happy Babies !


I find myself asking why is being organic good for babies and good to support their developing immune systems. How do we achieve happy insides and a healthy and calm happy baby?

How do we best prevent allergies and common childhood ailments; and how best to bring about Happy Insides! Happy Babies!

It makes sense to me that the less toxic material we expose our babies too, the better chance they have to be healthier. All toxic matter derived either from internal mental stress and combustion, or external environmental exposure does result in the baby’s immune system having to work harder to expel this from the body. If the baby does not manage to expel this toxic material completely, then it results in physical symptoms in the body. For example, allergies such as the most commonly know skin disorders, are frequently seen in children these days.

In my situation living in London, I have no immediate control of the environmental factors of being exposed to the high levels of toxic pollution, bar from moving out of London.  In the meantime, what do I do to try and achieve the best for baby K with what is in my control. I decided to do my level best to insure that everything that goes inside and on the outside of baby K, is in as pure and natural state as I can manage. The purer, the less toxic, means baby K does not have to overwork her immune system to expel the toxic material from her body.  I can wholeheartedly say to myself that this has been a contributing factor in providing  a more sustainable environment for a healthy and calm baby K.


” That which we put inside baby reflects on the outside and that which we put on the outside of baby reflects on the inside ”

Just now watching her sleep is so peaceful, let’s continue giving her the best that nature has to offer.



The Right of Passage

The Right of Passage

As nature intended having a vaginal birth naturally is a
‘ Right of Passage ‘ for the baby. They instinctively know what to do and when the time is right they will make their entrance. As we know all too well, this is not always the case today, as the ever-increasing trend towards Cesarian sections, whether planned or emergency is very much the norm in all the major hospitals.
So the baby is left without the necessary and instinctive ‘ Right of Passage ‘ to complete their journey of entering this world.

This was so very much made evident to me when right from week two onwards, I started noticing how baby K, would keep moving upwards by wiggling and pushing backward with her feet and shuffling her body towards the top of the Moses basket. We were told that it is now safe practice to always make sure baby is at the bottom of the cot or Moses basket when putting the baby to sleep.

I noticed each time that when she just about falls asleep, she will instinctively just move herself up right to the top of the Moses basket. The interesting thing is that she always ends up in a slanted position towards one side only.
I soon realized she was putting herself back in the womb in a place of safety and familiarity as she goes back to sleep.

When the consultant carried out the c-section at baby K’s birth, the first thing she pointed out was that baby K was lying slanted in an engaged position. This suggests that when she shuffles back up to the top of the Moses basket, she is repeating how she was at delivery when she was still in the womb nearing her time of birth.

Baby K, was getting ready for her ‘ Right of Passage ‘, but just needed a bit more time to figure it out for herself.
However, as a precautionary measure, the planned c-section was carried out.