Baby Blues / Teething

Oh no we are not settling, week 15 and teething is really beginning to set in now, the dribbling is constant and baby K is chewing on almost everything.  I noticed she has been even more clingy and wanting constant attention from me this week.IMG_2242  Getting her off to sleep in the evening has been challenging but luckily she is almost sleeping through the night, with just one short wake for nappy change and quick feed.  Yesterday she slept almost all throughout the day.  Her mood has been really low and she just wants to be held all the time when she is awake.  Nothing seems to settle her until she finally falls asleep, until then she is constantly clingy.

The only thing that seems to comfort her is rubbing  the soles of her feet gently as much as I can and this has the effect of comforting her.  She is more wanting to breastfeed during the day and not only on waking and before her night time sleep, as has been her usual routine for the last few weeks.  So rubbing up and down the reflex zones on the soles of her feet and breastfeeding seem to be doing the trick in keeping her calm and content during this phase of initial teething.  She is not so keen on the organic formula milk at the moment and choosing breastfeeding instead !

No thank you, only breastfeeding will do 

WHY dummies are not required for babies

Awww….. those precious few days when your baby arrives, bliss, once you have recovered from the birth; taking in the incredibleness of tiny special moments with your new bundle of joy.  Watching them sleep in perfect harmony and then just when you think it is safe to go to the bathroom, the biggest, loudest crying you have ever heard, as they sense you are no longer by their side!

…. So without thinking you put a dummy in their mouth because everybody does it and it’s the norm, so you are told.  But more importantly, it makes your life easier as you are trying to juggle changing a dirty nappy and disposing of the nappy and covering baby up again with the baby grow and baby blanket and making everything comfy again for the baby while comforting them to stop the sobbing cry.

I resorted to this in week 3, and it became such a habit that every time there was a little cry from my baby, in went the dummy. Until one day in the fifth week I thought to myself ‘ how crazy is this,’ my baby is crying for a reason so why am I not listening and just shoving a plastic dummy in her mouth?  Luckily she didn’t get too used to it, and I stopped using it, and now in week 8, she is perfectly fine without it.  I had to ask myself, how can a baby sucking on plastic for hours at a time be any good for the little mite?  Isn’t it better to try to listen somehow to what that cry is about and figure out an alternative way to calm your baby, this was the conclusion I came to and so far so good!