Baby Reflexology / Baby Massage : This Works For Us


All you need is the gentlest and softest of touch, all done with the ‘right intention’.  Promotes a good nights sleep and soothes a crying baby.  Most importantly it builds a stronger bond between mother and baby.

Baby K loves this and it really goes a long way to soothe her, especially during the painful teething moments when she is inconsolable.

I have established this little daily massage routine, which helps her to have a solid sleep, she sleeps right through the night at least 9 to 12 hours only waking once for a quick nappy change and a quick small feed.  She wakes up a ‘ happy bunny ‘ full of energy and calm and collected ready to face the day ahead beaming with joy and full of fun and adventure.

It used to be a real battle getting her off to sleep, we always had to spend anything from 2 to 4 hours soothing time before she would finally settle into a deep sleep, but now with this little routine which I start slowly after her last feed of the day.  She absolutely loves it!

We now call it the ‘ Baby K Sleep Massage’, absolutely fabulous!

The Power of Acupuncture

When it comes to listening to your body, I was fortunate to have found a brilliant acupuncture practitioner for treatments when I was expecting baby K and I can truly say that it kept me sane from all my hormones going haywire during pregnancy.

I had regular acupuncture all throughout my pregnancy and I am pretty sure it alleviated a lot of the complexities of pregnancy and I was able to sail through my pregnancy happy and healthy.

It greatly contributed towards the wellness of both mother and baby during pregnancy and afterwards I also had some more sessions of acupuncture for postpartum recovery.

An acupuncture treatment performed professionally, works with the natural elements of the body.   In a clinical acupuncture session the therapist will initially diagnose using the pulse method so they can ascertain how the systems of the body are behaving and then proceed to apply the needles where necessary to bring balance to body’s systems as needed.

I am so grateful to have found a fantastic therapist, I am certain that this helped me cope with a lot of the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, my therapist Mark Keily was very supportive and gave me confidence every step of the way, especially as I also had the added complication of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which now a days is becoming increasingly common in pregnancy.

A well balanced body went a long way in keeping mother and baby Happy in those sometimes turbulent 9 months of gestation.  I would recommend acupuncture to anyone wanting to support a  smooth and trouble free pregnancy.


A Trusted Friend

The wonders of Coconut Oil, truly Amazing !
I find it to be simply the BEST !
It is the most nurturing and nourishing oil ever, and has so many uses, but only good quality, raw extra virgin coconut oil will do. I have used it on my baby since she was born and it makes her feel refreshed and full of beans and she loves it.
Especially massaged all over as part of her after bath routine.
It protects her skin and promotes wellbeing. Keeping her nice and calm. Coconut oil is also antiviral and antibacterial, making it protective for baby.
I find it to be so versatile and has many uses. I love to use it on her just before bedtime for a foot massage, I add a drop of lavender oil to it and massage the soles of the feet and it promotes a deep sleep and she always wakes up refreshed and positive to enjoy another fabulous day. Simple and effective, coconut oil is my all round best friend !

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Beautiful Coffee / Beautiful People

IMG_1074 (1)Arapina : my lifeline

Yes quite frankly this wonderful place has literally been my lifeline since week 3 of baby K’s birth.  With the convenience of being just 5 minutes walk from my flat, I discovered this jewel of a place earlier this year and so glad I did, we love the atmosphere in there.    I go there at least 2 or 3 times a week to meet with friends or just chill out away from my home life.  It’s given me some sort of normality back after recovering from giving birth.  It’s a home from home for baby K and she loves it there.  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and it’s now my local             ‘ coffee watering hole ‘.

With fabulous freshly made pastries and healthy cakes, sugar-free and organic food, what more could I ask for !

Being right next to the famous Laban Dance School, we get to meet some wonderful people.  Baby K is always excited when we go there and gives the biggest of smiles; she is always fascinated by the lovely array of plants arranged artistically over the seating area.  She loves meeting new people in there and having cuddles, everyone always spoils her when we go there, how time goes fast when you are enjoying yourself !

The great thing about Arapina Bakery is that it is also really baby friendly and this is part of baby K’s regular routine now and for me the vegan cakes are mouthwatering.

Taking A Ride For Sleepy Time !

IMG_1027 (1)

When it comes to sleeping time, everyone knows that taking your baby for a ride in the car is the best, babies just love it, they are mesmerised and just nod off blissfully.  Well this is the next best alternative for anyone that does not have a car.  My baby YoYo Zen pram is fabulous, I just need to drop the handle bar down, put baby K on top of the pram cover and just drive her around my flat, she just loves it and its a great prelude for her falling asleep.  Of course I always pick her up and she falls asleep in my arms, I think that’s the best ” mummy time ” ever.

Baby Blues / Teething

Oh no we are not settling, week 15 and teething is really beginning to set in now, the dribbling is constant and baby K is chewing on almost everything.  I noticed she has been even more clingy and wanting constant attention from me this week.IMG_2242  Getting her off to sleep in the evening has been challenging but luckily she is almost sleeping through the night, with just one short wake for nappy change and quick feed.  Yesterday she slept almost all throughout the day.  Her mood has been really low and she just wants to be held all the time when she is awake.  Nothing seems to settle her until she finally falls asleep, until then she is constantly clingy.

The only thing that seems to comfort her is rubbing  the soles of her feet gently as much as I can and this has the effect of comforting her.  She is more wanting to breastfeed during the day and not only on waking and before her night time sleep, as has been her usual routine for the last few weeks.  So rubbing up and down the reflex zones on the soles of her feet and breastfeeding seem to be doing the trick in keeping her calm and content during this phase of initial teething.  She is not so keen on the organic formula milk at the moment and choosing breastfeeding instead !

No thank you, only breastfeeding will do 

The Dangers of BPA


When I came across the NUK glass feeding bottles and reading about how they are free from BPA, I decided to look further into this .  I am trying to keep the aspect of safety a priority for baby K.
This made me ask myself; I wonder how many parents are aware of the ‘ dangers of BPA .’
This chemical substance is found very commonly in the plastic bottles, teething toys and pacifiers that are used for babies. Exposing babies to health disorders not only in childhood but in some cases having major effects well into adulthood. In these times of more and more exposure to toxins, almost everywhere we look, we need to be extra vigilant of just what we are exposing our little ones too.

The Right of Passage

The Right of Passage

As nature intended having a vaginal birth naturally is a
‘ Right of Passage ‘ for the baby. They instinctively know what to do and when the time is right they will make their entrance. As we know all too well, this is not always the case today, as the ever-increasing trend towards Cesarian sections, whether planned or emergency is very much the norm in all the major hospitals.
So the baby is left without the necessary and instinctive ‘ Right of Passage ‘ to complete their journey of entering this world.

This was so very much made evident to me when right from week two onwards, I started noticing how baby K, would keep moving upwards by wiggling and pushing backward with her feet and shuffling her body towards the top of the Moses basket. We were told that it is now safe practice to always make sure baby is at the bottom of the cot or Moses basket when putting the baby to sleep.

I noticed each time that when she just about falls asleep, she will instinctively just move herself up right to the top of the Moses basket. The interesting thing is that she always ends up in a slanted position towards one side only.
I soon realized she was putting herself back in the womb in a place of safety and familiarity as she goes back to sleep.

When the consultant carried out the c-section at baby K’s birth, the first thing she pointed out was that baby K was lying slanted in an engaged position. This suggests that when she shuffles back up to the top of the Moses basket, she is repeating how she was at delivery when she was still in the womb nearing her time of birth.

Baby K, was getting ready for her ‘ Right of Passage ‘, but just needed a bit more time to figure it out for herself.
However, as a precautionary measure, the planned c-section was carried out.