My Best finds

  • This pram, the YoYo BabyZen is by far my best find. The lightest I could get and does just the job perfectly of having two flights of stairs to manage. It’s so easy to clean the wheels when back indoors. The handle folds down quickly, so handy for occupying baby K indoors when she is unsettled. Brilliant ! So pleased I took my time and chose this one.
  • My next best find is organic milk; I started using this from week four as I needed to top up my milk due to issues with tongue tie and baby K not being able to latch on properly. As an immediate measure, I started using the average run of the mill formula milk from the supermarkets as it was readily available, I then started ordering this one online and found it was a great way of topping up on my milk. Luckily the tongue tie has now sorted itself out, but I am still using this for daytime feeds, and I find that baby K does not have wind/gas with this, but with the other formula milk she did suffer from wind : out also there on the go 90 ml bottles with teets; I find these helpful when I am out and about and need to feed baby K on the go.Also, check out this comforter : K loves this, with the bonus of being organic, I find it ideal to introduce this to her as a first comforter/soother. She has just recently started her first teething drooling.
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